girl boss lifestyle

Growing up, we have been forced to look at people succeeding. Whether it be models in
magazines or CEOs of huge companies, these people are living a lifestyle that we only wish we could have. But what if you could?

Being a #GirlBoss has been a dream of mine since I was younger. I wanted to be successful, to lead and take on challenges and crush all of my goals. But sitting here and just wishing isn’t going to do very much to get me there. It is true however, that being a #GirlBoss starts with a dream and a thought.

The first step is CONFIDENCE. Something that some of us lack, but what’s great is that
confidence can actually be a skill and that means - it can be improved. Start with knowing what you want in every situation and every relationship, and then work on how to get it. You can use this confidence in your career, friendships, relationships, brand deals etc. Always define what you want while making sure to also point out what you definitely don’t. Also keep in mind who you are, don't take yourself for granted and in order to truly manifest your dream - you gotta own it and that means working on your inner self to get there.

The next step is to have AMBITION. This may come natural to most #girlbosses and that is probably why you are reading this right now! Having ambition = having dreams = having goals = the path to success and the path to being the ultimate girl boss. It’s all about you, girlfriend! You know your dreams, so all you have to do is start trying to live them for real. The ambition will drive you, but only so far. Write your goals down. Write your dreams out on paper. PLAN IT as if you already got it. Research your career whether it be a fashion blogger, CEO, entrepreneur, head of a certain company - RESEARCH and figure out your strategy.

The third step is to BUILD A NETWORK. If you haven't heard already, it's all about network baby! But, how do you do that? Well it is definitely not a quick step whatsoever. Essentially, building your brand would come around the same time as you build your network - aka your community. Your followers are your network, interact with them, engage on their posts, learn about them because you never know what kind of relationship you could make. Who knows if they could be a great asset to your career and help you in different ways, or just a really great friend to encourage and hype you up! I think that success is also not just a one way street, if you want it - help others reach it too...this is what will also help truly build and set the foundation for your brand and network.

It all starts with you - so get out of bed and let's start your life, babe! Don't wish it, do it.

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