You don’t need a fancy title to be a girl boss. In fact, I’m 23 years old and have no title worth praise. Being a girl boss is all about your mindset and today I’m sharing what I do every day to achieve that mindset. 

girl boss

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When I first agreed to write this post, my mind immediately thought to share my daily routine. However, 95% of you would read that and have no idea where to begin on your journey to being a girl boss. Instead, I took a step back and realized there are 3 things I do daily that make me successful. I’m sharing those 3 things today, in the order I personally execute them. Keep in mind you can incorporate these in any part of your day.


Although a newer part of my routine, quiet has been a game changer. Incorporating quiet time into your day gives you time to reset. Every morning I wake up, start my coffee, and read a devotional. I’m not focused on my ever growing to-do list or my online orders. My sole focus is on being calm and positive which kicks my day off on the right note.


You might have guessed this one, but I have a little spin for you today. Yes, a list helps you remember everything and it is very satisfying to cross an item off. But the power in a list comes from physically making it. When you write something down, it organizes the thoughts in your mind. After writing my list, I’m immediately less stressed even if I don’t look at it again for 3 days. The power lies in physically making the list even if it is never used again. 


Last, but certainly not least, reward yourself. In order to be a girl boss and a strong leader, you need love yourself. You need to take time to put yourself first, because I guarantee you are most often thinking of others. Cook yourself a nice meal, have a glass of wine, or go on an adventure with a friend. Anything that brings you joy outside of work is crucial for you to sustain. 

I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Girl Boss Collection and I’d love to connect with all of you! Find me on Instagram so we can keep the conversation going. I’m always here to answer your questions or be your motivation. Always remember to be comfortably you, regardless of where you’re at on your journey.