Consistency Is The New Perfection

girl boss


Being a “girl boss” isn’t just about work. To me, it represents far more than just organizing your emails and checking off your to-do list. A girl boss is someone who sees value in every aspect of her life. If it’s from maintaining healthy relationships to making sure your health is on point – there are so many avenues that need our attention – that need our love. 

I’ve been a creative entrepreneur for the last 4 years. Meaning – I’ve had to learn how to manage my own life and schedule; all while staying sane in the chaos of a busy city. It’s been such a journey of adapting to change and learning what makes me the best version of me. One of the best lessons I’ve learned is I am never going to reach “perfection”. In life, we can have an idea of what perfection is but a huge part of growing is realizing you are enough where you are right now.

The best advice I could give to any girl boss is to love yourself where you are at and don’t try to change her to be someone else. Your unique voice, brand, whatever you are born to do was created for other people to hear and if we are trying to be like everyone else – than that girl can’t fully flourish. Everything in life takes time, energy and our focus should be on your present and not looking to what is next or how to be better. Stay present in your everyday and watch yourself slowly start to grow. Slowly start to become who you’ve envisioned yourself to be.

Here are some of my 3 tips for staying consistent in my every day!

  1. Choose one day for a rest day. Sleep in, eat a big breakfast, take your time. I think it’s super important to have at-least one major self-care day per week. I choose Sunday because it allows me to refocus myself for the rest of the week. During the day I usually workout, hike, spend time with friends or eat out. By night I make sure to do a face mask and write down loose goals for the following week. I create a reminder list on my phone if there is anything extremely important, I need to get done but also take into consideration that my schedule could change throughout the week! (entrepreneur life).
  2. Wake up early! Most successful entrepreneurs rave about waking up early. Let me tell you – this concept took me 3 years to master. So please give yourself grace. What I’ve learned is waking up early gives you more space in your day. Whenever I wake up late, I feel rushed out of my element. Waking up early allows me to go slow – and take my time on my tasks. 
  3. Lastly, prioritize your health; not just physical health but mental too. Keeping my body and mind aligned has helped me stay focused on my businesses. I’ve learned by using an outlet for your emotions whether it be through prayer or journaling actually helps you grow in your business. Some things I do to help with my mental and physical health… go on daily walks, journal, read, take accountability at the end of the day for what I did and what I didn’t do and be patient with my process. 

Overall – whatever you are doing in life. Remember that being a girl boss is an honor! We get to serve God while serving others. I hope my tips help you refocus on this simple truth!

- hiemilyelizabeth