Content Strategy: How To Plan One Month Of Content In One Day

Hi Girl Boss Babes! Thank you for having me!
A little about myself, I'm Rose Feliciano from Houston, TX! I decided to create my "Rose On The Go" Blog while I was traveling to Thailand last year. I love traveling and I wanted to share my journey. I am constantly On The Go, I work full time as an Assistant Manager of a retail store, I have a boyfriend of 7 years, I also have a few side hustles. I have a clothing boutique that is currently getting a revamp of new merchandise, also in the process of creating my Etsy store and now my blog!
While starting my blog, I wanted to make sure I have amazing photos to post on Instagram, I mean don't we all! I hired a photographer but let's be realistic, I can't have a photographer with me at all times! So my friend and I took the time to plan out a day and have a mini photoshoot! She got her content for the month and so did I!
Here are some of my tips that will definitely help you plan out a month's worth of content in just a day!


Location: with picking out your locations to go to you want to make sure it is about 10-15 minutes apart including traffic. I was able to go to 5 places in about 4 hours. In those 4 hours, I was about to get 80 pictures and in the 80 pictures I took, I was about to keep about 20 pictures which is awesome.
How to pick locations: I usually use hashtags in my city and see where other locals are going.


Now, this is important, you want to make sure you plan out your outfits with your locations. I brought about 6-8 outfits with me. I made sure I brought outfits that were easy for me to change in. (Dresses, Shorts, Skirts) You want them to be an easy and fast change of clothes just in case there is not a restroom
You also want to make sure you bring solid color dresses or solid color outfits. It is easier to match your location!


Now we have the top 2 things down, now we have to take some pictures! I personally use my iPhone! Yes, FREE. Do not buy yourself a crazy expensive camera, use what you have! Always keep in mind your overhead cost. Always be a Babe on the Budget!
There you have it, one month of content in one day! Now I don't have to worry about what I need to post, I am all set!
Let me know what works for you boss babes!
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