Girl Boss Habits - A Day In The Life

Being a young female entrepreneur at 24, brand owner of my blog Mrs Morgan Mcvey and full time corporate worker in the event industry - there’s a lot of dry shampoo involved. I'm joking, but not really. 

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When I was asked to collaborate with Girl Boss Collection I felt one step closer to achieving my goal as a brand to be a resource to other boss women! Have your cake & eat it, too is a little self motto I made for myself. My blog gives real tips to real women to achieve that.

I would love to collab and meet you all on my blog or instagram, so feel free to reach out and in the meantime enjoy this little Q+A ‘sesh’ I did about a day in the life for me as a fellow Girl Boss!

1. Your alarm clock goes off, now what?

I would say the basics to my day on surface level is certainly getting my vanilla cold brew from my Ninja hot and cold brew system (obsessed), loving on my golden (retriever) boy, Rookie through a morning walk and telling the hubs I love him before heading off to work my 9-5 (mushy!). 

On a hustle level, it consists of an inspirational / motivating podcast in the morning on my drive to work (my favorites are The Skinny Confidential, The Rise Podcast, Off the Vine and Influencer Podcast to name a few). This gets me in a creative mindset! 

2. What are your tips for productivity?

I make my top 3 work related to-do’s that need done for the day, then I make another top 3 personal to-do’s that need done, too. Aside from that, I make 3 more broad weekly goals. Don’t try to conquer the world in one day, but you should be leaving it better than you found it daily! 

Time batching really helps with designating times to complete tasks. I use this time cube to help! But you can find one cheaper, prices spiked since all the at-home teaching is taking place right now! Whatever you do, don’t use your phone timer because you will end up distracted! 

girl with a dog3. So how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle if you’re always on the move?

Let’s be honest, with any career & hustle combo comes stress! I am big on getting 7-8 hours of sleep. CBD oil + Salt Lamp = best zzzz’s ever. Moving my body for at least 30 minutes daily is also important (brisk walk with my pup, a run, anything!) I have a workout highlight on Instagram you can check out if you need help getting inspired to move. 

Also, breathing exercises to relieve tension (anyone else carry all the weight of the world in their shoulders and neck?). This is why making 3 personal to-do’s for yourself is important. Do not show up for all your other jobs / inspirations if you’re not showing up for your well being!


4. What's one tip you want to give to other women with a “side hustle”?

I would have to say, don’t do what I did when I started out. Do not assume your 9-5 is your main job and your true passion is the side hustle. Reverse that. Let you 9-5 be the stable income and the place for growth and learning professionally and make your passion your true job. I work everyday to make my blog my priority. This doesn't mean neglecting other roles, but it does mean you should put in at least equal effort. You cannot half-do your passion. Whatever you aspire to do, go at it 100%. 

Thank you to Girl Boss Collection for this opportunity and for encouraging women! Cheers to all of the ladies working hard to move mountains and establish the life they are meant to live. We can all have our cake and eat it, too. Promise!


Mrs Morgan McVey

mrs morgan mcvey