Growth Mindset for a Girl Boss

What is the definition of a boss? Merrimam-Webster defines the word “boss” as a person who exercises control or authority. So then what is a Girl Boss? This new term society has adopted recognizes a Girl Boss as a woman who is driven and motivated, stopping at nothing to get it done. Needless to say, one thing is clear about every woman across the world: we are all Girl Bosses in our own ways. 
To be a Girl Boss is to have a mindset of getting what you want out of life no matter what it takes. At times, there can be a misconception as to what it is to be a Girl Boss or how to be coined “a Girl Boss.” Society can make us believe that having the best looking house, car, business, fashion, or life in the eyes of others is the only way to announce your position as a Girl Boss. Now, let’s be honest, those things are nice, however, in order to truly have the mindset of a Girl Boss, there is one major component you need to possess: confidence.
Confidence is key in how we shape our worlds. We cannot truly grow in our day-to-day lives without being confident in our own reality. My mom used to always tell me that if I cannot accept myself in my present, I will never be able to handle anything more in the future. As a Girl Boss, we must keep the mindset that even in our setbacks, we are going to be successful no matter how it looks because Girl Bosses don’t allow anything to shake the goal of what it is we believe is for us.
I started my blog, After the Morning, as a way of inspiring those who know what it feels like to struggle in a dark place, yet have hope for finding the good things in life. The blog takes a look into my journey of moving forward in everyday experiences and always reminding myself to look at the glass half full, even when it feels half empty. When I began blogging the beginning of this year, the momentum was amazing. And then it slowed down. Tremendously. Enough to break the confidence I originally began with in what I expected the blog to be. Even now at times, my confidence waivers in knowing if it is reaching people the way I truly want it to. However, every time I get into one of those down moods, someone always reaches out to me to let me know they are enjoying the blog, and inspired along the journey. 
I continue to learn that in order to be the best Girl Boss I can be, I must be confident enough in where I stand in my current reality and the statement I’m making every day, whether it reaches two people or 2,000 people. We all must use our confidence to live our best lives in growing into the best Girl Bosses possible. A Girl Boss can have infinite titles. As long as confidence is the foundation it is built on and you put in the hard work, you will grow within your own right! So I’m sending all my love to all the Girl Bosses around the world. Keep being uniquely you!
By: JanelleLynnea