How To Style The Create Opportunity Sweatshirt

Hi girls! I am so excited to be talking with you all today! My name is Haley, and I am from the blog @stylebyhal on Instagram. As soon as I went onto the Girl Boss Collection page on Instagram I could see that this page is so special for the work that they do and the positivity that they spread. Today, I will be sharing with you my favorite item on the site (although it was really hard to choose), ways to style it, and just chatting with you girls!

I picked out this adorable “create opportunity” sweatshirt. This motto is so inspiring to me, because it is a true representation of what all of us are trying to do. Between Instagram blogs and the working world we are all just trying to create opportunity for ourselves and others. We are hustling everyday to balance the many
  create opportunity sweatshirtCreate Opportunity Sweatshirt
time consuming parts of our lives, and chase our dreams as well. I know that I am happiest when I spend time doing what I love. A lot of the time creating opportunity entails working with each other, which is so much fun. Instagram is such an amazing community filled with people that just want to create and inspire. We work together so that we can all grow and become better. That is what I love about this sweatshirt: the message it sends. 
Not to mention, this pullover is seriously cute! The white is perfect paired with just about anything you want, and I love how the text is a fun pop of color that stands out! This can be worn with a pair of leggings, jeans, shorts, or joggers (what all of us are probably wearing right now). A cute pullover like this is a year round closet staple. For a better idea of how you might style this I will include a picture below!
girl boss collection
This outfit is a perfect, casual, everyday look. It includes a pair of basic denim jeans and white sneakers which are also closet staples most of us have. It also includes one of the Girl Boss collection tote bags which says “girl power” and is the perfect tote bag for whatever you need! I also included one of their adorable phone cases. This sweatshirt has endless options for styling and sends an important message. 
Creativity is so important in my life and I know in many of yours as well. Just scrolling through my Instagram feed everyday I am so inspired by all of the amazing content I see. There are so many women that are there to express themselves and share that with the world. That is what this sweatshirt makes me think of, the amazing and inspiring community of women I get to be a part of. 
Thank you so much to Girl Boss Collection for having me come on to talk to you girls today. This is more than just a clothing company, it is a community. For more fashion related content my Instagram is @stylebyhal and you can get to my blog on my profile as well. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I loved getting to talk to you all!