Income Producing Activities You Need to do Everyday (female entrepreneur tips)

income producing activities
You probably landed on this blog because you are trying to grow your small business and are looking for the magic formula to help you do so. You have read blog posts, watched videos, and done your research, yet you are still searching.
Trust me, I’ve been there. 
Most people you find on the internet who have the magic formula will charge you at least 997$ to buy their course and find out. The good news is, this blog post doesn’t charge you $997 to read, so have fun!
Each business in unique but I can say that there are things, as a business owner, you (or the people you hire) need to be doing EVERY day to continue to move your business forward. So take notes.
income producing activities

Activity 1: AWARENESS

People can’t buy from you unless they know who you are. So make sure you are making new connections, new invites, and new contacts daily! Your customers go through a journey before they purchase from you, so don’t expect a sale on the same day you make a connection. Fueling your funnel with new contacts daily will help produce sales later on.
income producing activities


In a world full of spam, automation, and bots, it has never been more important to follow up with your new (or old) contacts. Make sure you are following up with people, whether it be the next day, next week, or six months after the original contact. It is never too late to make someone feel good that you were thinking about them. Be genuine. 
income producing activities


Whether you are creating or curating, make sure the content you are feeding to your audience in digestible and valuable. I can’t tell you how many clicks I have made in my life only to be shortly disappointed or misled afterwards. Make your content easy to understand and relate to. Remember, people love community and being surrounded by like-minded individuals. 
Your business is unique and girlfriend, there is room for all of us to manifest success in this world. Add these daily income producing activities to your business and you will  be on the road to achieving your goals and dreams.
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