Interview with Girl Boss Collection


1. Tell us about who you are and your journey to where you are now!
My name is Audrey and I was born with a passion for entrepreneurship. I knew I was destined to own a company one day. Growing up, I watched my mother and father own their own business, which inspired me in many ways. I have seen the struggles, the benefits, and the journey in between. Now experiencing the journey for myself, I wish to inspire other female entrepreneurs.

This is where Girl Boss Collection was born, selling apparel and accessories to empower female entrepreneurs.

2. What is the mission of your brand? How does it empower women?
The mission of Girl Boss Collection is to grow the conversation of female entrepreneurs and empower the community of women-owned businesses. We want to see more dreamers become doers and build their empire. Girl Boss Collection proudly encourages entrepreneurs through our apparel and accessories. This brand is for the fearless, hustling, women who aren't afraid of taking chances. GBC girls are unapologetically ambitious, courageous, and confident. Female-owned and eco-friendly, Girl Boss Collection is definitely a company with a movement you do not want to miss out on!

3. How do you collaborate with women working towards a better world?
More than 11.6 million businesses are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating over 1.7 trillion in sales.

My passion is to see these numbers grow, more women pursuing their dreams, and building their own empires.

My company, being eco-friendly, loves to collaborate with women as brand ambassadors + influencers.

Want to know how we are eco-friendly? Read more here.

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4. What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to press through as a female entrepreneur and what are the steps you’ve taken to overcome it?
My biggest challenge as a female entrepreneur is not being taken seriously. I have been treated as if my opinion and ideas are less than important and to move out of the way for the big guys.

I will not let instances like this get in my own way, and will keep pressing on!

5. What advice would you give to a female entrepreneur in the beginning stages of launching her brand or business?
Don’t give up, you are about to have your big break.

6. What sets your brand apart from others?
My brand was made for girl bosses, by girl bosses. Not only are we one of the first dedicated companies in apparel and accessories to empower female entrepreneurs, but we are the #1 shop for girl bosses!