Mompreneur Life: Blessings of Business and Motherhood

A creative multi-tasking woman who bravely manages the demands of running a business as an entrepreneur and the blessings of motherhood at the same time.


girl boss

I’ve played the role as a working mother in many different forms. I was a stay-at-home mom for the first couple years of my oldest sons’ life. I later joined the Army Reserves and became a working mom at a nine to five job. Shortly after my next son was born, I felt an immense calling to create something that was completely mine and actually pursue my dreams. 

I thought “Why not me?” 

I can fall into the role of motherhood AND pursue my dreams. 

I am very much a visual person, so I often tell people the imagery I had in mind when I decided to start my own business;

“Here I am. Kristin Peri Matz. I am a mother. And I am a wife. Without a doubt. However, I am also a woman with her own perceptions, thoughts, opinion, and so much creativity that I can offer to the world. So, I looked at my boys and said, ‘Well, c’mon boys! We’ve got things to do, people to see, and places to be!’”

So, saying this, the day in the life of this girl boss resembles the imagery of a roller coaster! I wouldn’t trade it for the world considering I am doing what I love. To name a few of my fine-tuned and sharpened senses is a strong sense of ability to multitask, the unwavering ability shifting your focus every few minutes to problem solve, all while trying to raise a business as well and the trials that brings.

I start each day by responding to emails, checking in on my social media, all while my children eat their breakfast and watch cartoons (thank GOD for Disney+, y’all). Then I typically make product during naptime or after bedtime.

We all as business owners I’m sure have felt the impending doom of being productive as much as possible. That resting is counterintuitive to this cause.

I have only recently let go of this debilitating expectation and have been allowing myself to take many breaks throughout the day (I would typically find any and all opportunities to work, including working rigorously through naptimes). The absolute invaluable lesson that I have learned here is that I have finally allowed natural creativity to flow while also being present for my kids. 

Even while doing the things that we love; we can feel imprisoned and undervalued if we don’t take the time to practice self-care. 

We can (and should) ask for help when we have feelings of being overwhelmed, and anxiety. 

These thoughts are normal.

So, here’s to us mompreneurs, and all girl bosses in between who relentlessly raise and nurture our dreams.

xoxo – Kristin Matz, Shop Owner at Lattes & Lavender Self Care