My Life Went Radio Silent

female entrepreneur

Are You Hiding From The Truth?

Do you radio silence your personal social media?

Writing generic captions on your business social hoping it relates to someone but knowing it never will?

Never diving too deep because you are afraid to speak your reality?

Are you hiding from the truth?

I was.

Well I’m not any more (thanks to a lot of therapy, training, and self help books) and I’m finally ready to unapologetic, ambitious, and courageous.



Here are my truths:

  • I am building a business while working a full time job.
  • I am facing imposter syndrome, whether or not I am good enough.
  • I went through a really, really shitty situation in my past and did not know how to bounce back.
  • I have a fear of everyone’s opinions, judgements, and words.

Take a moment to realize what your truths are.

Here is my reality:

  • I am no longer going to hide.
  • I am going to take steps to build my confidence, speak my truth, and run a successful company.
  • I am going to take pride in my work, and be who I am destined to be.
  • I will bounce back, I will rise up, and I will conquer.

It feels good to be honest. It feels good to be authentic. It feels good to be me.

How are you going to change your reality?

Making your dreams become a reality can be as simple as a mindset shift. I want you to take it a step further and take action.

Speak your truth, write a blog, post on social media & let us know (@girlboss_collection). We love to connect with girl bosses who are speaking their truths, living in their most authentic selves.