One Big Business Mistake I Will Never Repeat

female entrepreneur

If there is one thing I value, it’s my time. And what hurts me the most is when my time is wasted. I am still learning patience, which let me tell you, has not been easy for me. I am learning to take my time in business, make calculated decisions, and trust the process.

I understand things come up, emergencies happen, and plans have to be rearranged. There are many legitimate reasons to change the plans, but simply forgetting is not.  I don’t know if I get offended easily or not but when I feel like my time has been wasted, I take it very personally. 

Hiring friends or asking for free favors has been my biggest downfall. I get it, no one is going to love or be as passionate about my business as I am. But to say you are going to commit to something, then back out last minute, that’s a fault that hits me hard.  

How many times have I made plans with a friend who was “helping me and my business out” only to be canceled on last minute or not given the whole package? Enough to learn my lesson.

Had I just hired a professional, whose reputation is on the line, I may be taken more seriously. 

Being a female entrepreneur definitely has lessons to learn, and girl, I am learning them. I had heard this before….. I mean it’s just about everyone’s golden rule. But I chose to learn it the hard way, despite being told and done wrong before. Never hire your friends! (or family for that matter)

I don’t mean this post to bash my friends or family. I LOVE my friends and family. Without them, I literally could not function in life. I mean, I really honestly would be lost. And that’s so amazing that I hold them so dear to my heart. Each and everyone of them are my lifeline and that’s exactly why it’s so important not to mix business and pleasure. 

You are setting yourself up to be taken advantage of, and who wants to tell their friend they are not doing a good and/or complete job? Do you want to potentially ruin that relationship? Because in my experience, most people don’t take negative feedback well. 

So take my advice and learn from me, never hire your friends. Save the money, do it right, and be happy with the end result.