Support Your Local Girl Gang - A Lifestyle

As my first choice of the Girl Boss Collection Merch, I had to go with the classic “Support Your Local Girl Gang” graphic tee. Not only does it align with the Girl Boss Collection Mission, but it is perfect for any boss babe, finding their place in this industry; whether it's a blog, content creating or owning your own business. The saying “Support your local girl gang” encompasses so much more than just shopping women-owned businesses. Although important, supporting your girl gang spans across a spectrum of sharing a fellow creatives’ post, to collaborating and even cheering them on from the sidelines! I remember when the saying first started trending and I’ve been looking for a chic and minimalistic graphic tee to get my hands on ever since. I chose to have myself a little parking garage photoshoot because #quarantine but it turned out so cool, showing 4 different ways you can either dress up or dress down this shirt! I got mine in a bigger size to help with the versatile styles I like to wear. Not only does this help me feel like a #bossbabe, but I feel authentic. Representing who and what I support and the drive behind my mission.

A few ways I incorporate the #girlboss mentality in my day today.

1). Self- Care

A little indulging in self-care never hurt anyone. And I don’t always mean a spa day or spending spree. There’s more to self-care than that. For example, self-care can be just making sure you have time for yourself, away from your phone, and doing the things that set your soul on fire. For me, that usually means getting time to read, write, or dance. Anything creatively freeing is always the best feeling for me.

2). Mind and Body

Still a major part of self-care but the accountability portion of it. I have to make sure I make time for breathing, meditating, organizing (AKA Getting my ish together), and budgeting my time.

3). Environment

Making sure my space is clean, is so important to me, I can’t think clearly if my area is cluttered. Clutter home, cluttered mind I always say.  

4). Throw on a bangin’ outfit

like the ones shown here where I am comfortable, chic, and ready to take on the world!


Outfit Details: 



Black over sized Blazer – Sized Up 

Biker Shorts 

Thigh highs 

Tan Blazer 

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