The Top 10 Apps You Need If You Are A Female Entrepreneur

Being a female entrepreneur can be tough enough, so I selected my top 10 apps that help me run a business, stay sane, and be successful. 
  1. quickbooks discountQuickBooks - Never worry about losing a receipt again. Just snap a quick pic of your receipt, upload it to the app, and voila! Accounting and books, made easy. Track your miles, expenses, and invoices all in one convenient spot. Interested in signing up? Sign up here to get 50% OFF + a $50 Visa Gift Card.
  2. instagramInstagram - Do I even need to explain this one? Connect with friends + customers on the go! We grab so much free traffic from Instagram and get to manage some of our customer service from this social media app. Follow us here @girlboss_collection
  3. streakStreak- This is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) created by Google! Manage your contacts on the go! It is easier to use on the computer as you can see your contacts integrated with their assigned categories + tasks. But we still LOVE the app! Did we mention it’s FREE? Get Streak here now!
  4. lightroomLightRoom - I love a good filter and a cohesive feed. We use this app to edit our photos for social. It is easy to use on mobile and never seems to crash. It’s free to use on mobile. They do provide filters, but we invested in our own. Grab LightRoom here.
  5. planolyPlanoly - Plan your Instagram stories and feed all in one place. This app works just as well on desktop as it does on mobile. It is easy to use, a great place to store your hashtags, and they have an awesome FREE plan. Get Planoly here.
  6. iphone notesNotes - Literally, the best place to store ALL YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS. I’m obsessed with my notepad. I like the default app that comes with the iPhone but I am sure there are a ton of FREE apps to download if yours doesn’t have one you like!
  7. google calendarGoogle Calendar - Yes, I use google for EVERYTHING! (G-mail, Drive, Search Engine). As an iPhone user, this does not automatically come on my phone. I find that most businesses use Google Calendar as well. This app helps me to keep all my meetings, appointments, and reminders in order. 
  8. audibleAudible - Because let’s face it. You’re on the go all the time, and we all know how important self-development and relaxation is. As much as I love a good paper book, I can use audible in the gym, car, or while running other errands. Get Audible here.
  9. google driveGoogle Drive - This is my best way to keep my life and my business organized. I have folders that have folders in this app! It’s literally so easy to keep everything organized without sacrificing a ton of phone storage.
  10. story chicStoryChic - This app is awesome for creating Instagram stories. It’s like a mini graphic designer for your stories. Add photos + videos, customize text, and more. Get StoryChic here.