female entrepreneur

Question 1: Why do I want to be an entrepreneur?

Confession: I used to cringe at the thought of referring to myself as an 'entrepreneur'. 

I mean, it's such a vague word, right? With very little criteria. How could one word simultaneously encompass billionaires like Oprah, reality tv stars, influencers, bitcoin traders, ‘'can-barely-pay-the-bills-Barbara'', app developers, coaches and spiritual gurus? I didn't get how I could call myself an “entrepreneur", when I hadn't quit my 9 to 5 yet. And when I hadn't even made my first sale or signed my first client. 

BUT, I quickly learned to check my judgment. Because being a girl boss is no joke! ESPECIALLY when taking the first steps. It's not about where you are on the ladder or who is ahead of you. It's about a vision for your life, and consistently showing up for that vision from where you are today. What entrepreneurship looks like for me is different from how it looks for Oprah and for you. What makes us entrepreneurs is not the dollar amount in our bank accounts or our follower counts. It's our shared desire to build and grow something successful on our terms, because that is what makes us feel fulfilled. 

So, start with asking WHY you chose this path, and the answer will give you the 'WHY' of your brand story.

Question 2: How does my story define my mission?

My journey to becoming a girl boss is a journey of a multi-passionate girl who never fit neatly into a box. As a first generation immigrant, I was raised to value school, education and a 'stable' career. And that’s not a bad thing. At the same time, I fell in love with creativity, spirituality and personal development at a very young age. I was the girl who did theatre and meditation courses while simultaneously geeking out on legal knowledge and education. 

I didn't know that all of my different interests would influence the career path that I have today. In fact, for many years, I denied part of who I was and gave in to the pressures of choosing that secure stable job. I played safe and small in my comfort zone. I thought my creative interests were just ''hobbies''. I worked for years as a lawyer and initially loved it. But I felt stifled creatively and disconnected from helping people. So I became certified as a coach and realized I could combine my skillsets. I've always proudly loved both ''right brain'' and ''left brain'' activities and thrived in the grey areas—where mainstream meets spirituality, and where personal growth meets strategic action. 

I figured out a process to uncover and connect all of my seemingly disconnected skillsets and to package them into a brand. My top values are knowledge, growth, service and education. My brand values encompass my personal values, which is why Zen & Grey is a brand dedicated to helping newbie female creatives and entrepreneurs with their lifestyle and business goals through education, trainings and coaching. 

So pay attention to your journey up until today. Your story will reveal your values. Your values will reveal your mission. And once you're clear on your values as a person and as a brand—the key is to align them in a way that lets you show up for your business and goals at your highest capability each day. 

 Because once you know your "why" and your "values", you've got a brand story unique to you that will resonate with your audience.