What It’s Like To Be An Up And Coming Girl Boss

Two years ago, when I graduated college with a bachelor's degree in criminology and sociology, I never thought I would be where I am now. I’m 23, a full time optician, and nowhere near my field of study, working to become a girl boss who gets to work at home. 


I won’t ever lie, it’s A LOT. Days can get very tiring and sometimes I don’t have the motivation to do it all. BUT THAT'S OK. Paths to success are never linear. You don’t get up one day and suddenly your business is booming and you’re making bank. It’s work. I’ll admit, I’m a year into this, and I gave up once, but I’m back, and that’s what matters. 

Guess what? You can do it, too! This path isn’t easy, but girl you’ve got this! Dedication is huge, and it’s all so worth it in the end. I’m not very far yet, but when I get x amount of views on my blog, new followers on Instagram, or a message from another girl boss the excitement is unreal! 

“Where focus goes, energy flows,” - Tony Robbins.

I know it’s hard to keep the focus sometimes, but let me give you some tips to keep that motivation going! 

  • Get a journal/notebook. I use mine every day to write down inspiration, my thoughts, and things I need to get done! It helps me to have a physical copy of things!
  • Set up a workstation, and personalize it to you! My little “office” corner has cute pictures, a salt lamp, plants, and decor that makes me happy! It’s soothing to work in an environment you enjoy. 
  • Pinterest. Not only are you able to promote yourself and your work through the platform, but you can create yourself a board for those awesome quotes and ideas that keep you going! 
  • Don’t be afraid to take time to focus on YOU. Self care. It’s important. You can’t keep motivated and produce good content when you aren’t taking care of yourself! Treat yourself; get your nails done, your hair, take that bath! Rock it, that confidence shows in your work!

And let me just say.. before I conclude this, how humbling it is to get to write this for one of my favorite girl boss influencers.. Girl Boss Collection. I hope that as you all join me on this journey, while making your own as well, that you know you’re never alone in this. This community is amazing and always ready to help! 

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