From Homeless to Financial Freedom


Side hustle: Building a business while working a traditional 9-5.


Why I love the side hustle:

Some women are born with a passion they are destined to pursue. And that is absolutely amazing. For me, that’s not the case.


I was raised to graduate high school, go to college, get a job in the medical field. A safe career with a consistent paycheck. This is the route I took. Do I hate it? Absolutely not. Is it my passion? Absolutely not.

I love my 9-5. But there has always been a desire in me to build my own empire, gain financial freedom to do the things that I want, and be my own boss.

Embracing the side hustle has given me the opportunity to explore my passions without sacrificing my income.

We all have that little desire, bigger, better, more, but what I want is something that I can build and be proud of.

Having a side hustle has given me the opportunity to explore my options, have massive personal development, and see the world from a new lens. I have learned so many life lessons, and anticipate so many more.

Not only have I had great personal experiences, but I have had great financial experiences.

Not everyone likes to talk about money until they have made it to the top and are well over six-figures. But I want to talk about the numbers that helped me survive

Going from homeless & spending the last of my money to put myself (and Dexter my cat) up in a dirty hotel to a year later buying myself a condo, a car, and saving a chunk of change for retirement.


None of that would be possible if I didn’t put in the hours to educate myself, and do the work for the clients I had. 


I will say I learned a lot about helping other businesses build theirs and that’s why I am starting my own. That’s what I’m passionate about. Building a business to last, a business to empower female entrepreneurs, a business I can call my own.


I think entrepreneurs are so afraid to admit to the side hustle, until they have reached massive success.

Well I’m here for the journey. Because for the past 2 years, I have grown so much, and look forward to the future. Having a side hustle doesn’t mean that you are not committed to your business by quitting your job. What it means is, that you have a passion to build your empire and you want to make sure it’s right before you make a risky decision.

Building a business surrounding female entrepreneur empowerment is one of my biggest passions. That is why Girl Boss Collection was born and I can’t wait to see where it grows. I look forward to the day my side hustle will become my main hustle.